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ASFS PTA Directory

The ASFS PTA Directory allows parents to communicate with other ASFS parents and staff. Students are listed in the secure directory and you can search by name, grade, or teacher. We strongly encourage all parents to share their information so that other parents in the school can easily contact you for playdates and birthday party invitations! 

**Opt-In via ParentVUE**



Important Notes: 

  • Opt-in to be included in the NEW directory. The easiest way to opt-in is to select "Yes" to the PTA directory question in the annual online verification. 
  • To be included in the Directory AND to access the Directory, your email address must be on file in APS ParentVUE, and you must opt-in each year for each of your APS students via ParentVUE to the PTA Directory (under "PTA Directory Information").
  • To request your password, enter the email address on file with APS ParentVUE, and click the "need your password" link. A password will be emailed to you. You may update your password under Settings once you log in.
  • To make any updates to your personal information, please visit APS ParentVUE. For more details on updating ParentVUE, please see below.
  • Please note that ALL parents (new and returning) need to opt-in for 2019-20 via ParentVUE. Even if you have previously opted-in or registered on the PTA website. 

For any questions, assistance, or additional information, contact Dena Porter.


Staff Directory

For the most up-to-date staff directory, please visit the APS ASFS Website


Opt-In to the ASFS PTA Directory

All parents and guardians must opt-in each year (for each APS student) in order to be included in the ASFS PTA Directory! This is the primary way the PTA and ASFS parents may communicate with one another. 

Action Required:

  • Go to APS ParentVUE and login with your User Name and Password.*
  • For each of your APS students, select Student Info.
  • Under Release of Student Information, select ‘Yes, Please provide my student/family information’ to be included in the ASFS PTA Directory.
  • You must opt in for each student, so even if you are a returning family, make sure you opt in for your new Kindergarten students as well.

*Note to First Time Users of APS ParentVUE: If you need your individual activation code, please contact the ASFS Front Office at 703.228.7670.

Additional information and resources are available on the Annual Online Verification Process webpage, including Instructions for Activating Your ParentVUE Account.