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• Select your instructional model for next school year. Click here for more details.

APS FY2022 Budget Work
April 8, 2021 - School Board’s Proposed FY22 Budget Click here.

Thursday, April 29 - Public Hearing on School Board’s proposed budget 

Follow the budget process: timeline, meeting schedule, and initial working proposal. Click here. 

• Next School Board Meeting Thursday, May 6 at 7pm. View here.

• APS School Ambassador Updates 

School Year 2020-21 and Return to School Planning

APS School Year 2020-21 Welcome Page

APS Return to School (RtS) Planning Updates can be found here.  

Read about the APS Covid-19 Dashboard for updates, indicators, and progress on RtS and stages into the Hybrid Learning Model.

The APS Parent Academy is now offering videos to help parents support their students during distance learning.

APS will continue to provide *Grab-n-Go meal service at designated school sites. Click here for more information.

News on the New Neighborhood Elementary School: Innovation Elementary School

Submit your Innovation Mascot ideas (via a GoogleForm). Click here. 

On December 3, the Arlington County School Board approved boundaries for the new school at the Key site. See the approved map here.  
Use the APS Boundary Locator to confirm your planning unit.

And the new name is - Innovation Elementary School!  On March 11, the Arlington School Board approved the name. 

Claire Peters named Principal of Innovation Elementary School (the new elementary school at the Key site).  Click here to read more about Ms. Peters.

Family Support Resources

The Advisory Council on Instruction (ACI) recently held a mental health panel that included several APS staff and partners. Among the materials provided were the following documents, which include information on local support groups and organizations that are available to assist families with mental, physical, and emotional health concerns.

Arlington Partnership for Youth and Families

Parent Resource Center

Local Parent Support Groups

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APS Ambassadors Program

APS Ambassador Updates SY 20-21

APS Ambassadors is a new program established by Arlington Public Schools. ASFS has one representative appointed by our Principal, Mary Begley, whose role is to communicate relevant information from APS to our school community as well as collect any feedback from ASFS parents, teachers, and staff to take back to APS. Please feel free to contact ASFS's two representatives with any questions or feedback related to APS:

See the complete List of APS Ambassadors by school, and visit the APS Ambassadors page for more information.


Please feel free to reach out to Leigh O'Guynn Rex ,VP External Affairs, with any questions.